Installation of Wall Decals and Correct Decal or Sticker Sizing Methods

Question: How easy is it to install Wall Decals?

Well, that will depend on the size of the decal and the composition of the wall as well as the type of paint and texture applied to the wall. Signwriters Sydney keeps their tool updated to attract more customers.

If a wall is painted with a standard flat finish enamel over a textured finish, it is very porous, which will make installation pretty simple, even if your graphics are quite large. Of course, if you do have large graphics, you will need at least two sets of hands to help you install the wall graphic so it doesn’t fold over on itself.

I mention that because I’ve had it happen. It’s a terrible feeling to have a $300 custom printed graphic glue itself to itself. But, if you are cautious and get some help, there’s a good chance this won’t happen to you.

Depending on the Type of Wall You Have

If you have a smooth wall, painted with gloss latex paint, or gloss oil-based paint, there is an increased chance that you may have air bubbles trapped beneath the vinyl as the paint is less porous and it is more difficult to push the air through the paint than a flat, textured latex painted wall.

Of course, if your decals are small, then it’s pretty easy to install wherever you put them, even on glass. The best way to install a sticker on glass or gloss paint is to position it, tape it in place on one edge, then flip it back so that the tape is holding the edge of the printed sticker and the release liner is facing you.

Remove the release liner, then slowly smooth the decal onto the glossy painted surface or window with a credit card or driver’s license to prevent air bubbles from being trapped under the printed decal.

Question: How do I select the right size/dimensions for my decals?

How would you decide what car to buy or what size house to build?

You have to ask yourself similar questions. If you’re buying a car for utilitarian reasons – such as “we just had our 14th child and we need more than a small automobile now” – you will likely decide on your new bus, er, vehicle based on legal requirements that each child should be in a car seat or buckled up with a seat belt, etc.

Where Will You Use It

So, if you’re wanting to have a school spirit decal for your football booster club, you need to decide where to encourage other boosters to use the decals. Are they going to be used on car windows? Store windows? On refrigerators?

If they’re going on car windows, for instance, you’d probably not want to get much larger than about 35 square inches or so… 6″ x 6″ or 3″ x 12″. Of course, if you’re using a clear polyester decal stock, and there’s some visibility through the sticker, you could go a bit larger if desired.

If all the parents in the club own businesses with store fronts, you might want to stay the same size, or go even larger. If you’re going to put the decal on your fridge, you might prefer a small refrigerator magnet decal over something that sticks semi-permanently.

If You Don’t Like Adhesives

One option that we’re seeing increase in popularity over the years is static cling window stickers. The reason is that they adhere without glue. The negative is that they can’t be applied to the outside of your car window. You’d lose it at 25 mph off your car. However, there are now options for removable adhesives that we’ve found to work quite well, so you just have to let us know what you’re looking for.

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